Wise College Lahore – 16 Nov 2018

The enthusiasm Prof Hamda Tariq is infectious. She is a lady who feels so very passionate about providing education of all walks of life to the students she teaches in Wise College, Lahore. Many thanks.

We offered a session and her chosen topic for the students was as a result of her concerns of their issues of dealing with feelings of anger and it’s management.

With a mix of student, teacher and Lisa Cherry participation what followed was a session that revealed the why, when and how of emotional anguish which was forwarded by the students. They seemed to revel in being able to air their thoughts and slowly by slowly their shyness fell away. A challenging exercise for us and them but definitely a learning curve for both. Hopefully we will return to them, they are amazing youngsters and they deserve every break they can get. Their background is from being raised in an underprivileged neighbourhood where life is never easy.

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