Kiran Foundation – 14 Nov 2018

Sincere thanks from Lisa Cherry ‘s and my heart to Sabina and Sara for everything in those few hours. The hugs from the pupils said it all, they are a joy and make you feel welcome and loved. That’s an environment where education has no choice but to flourish.

Sometimes in life a journey has just as much of a thumping impact as a destination. I’d heard of the notorious and downright violent reputation of #Lyaribut how dilapidated and unloved this area was is seen to be believed.

In complete contrast is a little haven smack bang in the middle of it. A place that we all need to experience as a tonic of feel good and rejuvenation. Sabina Khatri and Sara Khatri are a mother and daughter team – they produce love in abundance for the sadness that turns up knocking at the doors of the Kiran Foundation. This place has to be seen to be believed.

Remarkable empowered women, empowering the vulnerable from very underprivileged circumstances right outside their organisation boundary wall.

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