I am Saffina Ellahi, born and brought up in the UK, embarking on an adventure to help children and young adults.  I have harboured a dream close to my heart which is now unfolding as a mission to change perceptions and treatment of mental health in the beautiful country of my heritage, Pakistan.

This is put into action with the expertise of Lisa Cherry. Lisa’s mission is to provide accessible, scientifically grounded knowledge and information to all those working with and around trauma, resilience and recovery. We aim together to do just that, by visiting different cities in Pakistan regularly to deliver this knowledge and information. 

My charity, Pakistan’s Children, believes in a holistic approach when working with the vulnerable with the fundamental belief that we have the capacity to help them recover.

Pakistan’s Children funds all costs and offers this service to audiences who want to learn more about healing processes and steps that will help build strong communities.

If you would like us to visit your institution or group please email the address below and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your interest, support and prayers for this initiative. You are helping to offer communities a path to healing that my otherwise be intangible.

Saffina Ellahi

Facebook: Pakistan’s Children

Twitter: @PakChildren

Instagram: pakistanschildren

Email: Saffina@pakistan’

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